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Friday, 6 September 2013

3 minutes with ... Hitendra Taluri

I worked at UBS over a few years and had a great experience. What was particularly rewarding was working on the NBU upgrades; we were the 1st (large financial organisation!) to brave the dirty water of the initial NBU 6.0 release and spent many late evening and early mornings performing the arduous tasks of cautiously moving to 5.1 then 6.0.

As a result of upgrading around 15-20 sites globally, the real heroes worked through the challenges of the new release in the background. One of my former colleagues, Hitendra Taluri, was one of those heroes. He worked solidly to support the environment, and he's kindly offered his 3 minutes.

Thanks Hitendra! :)

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What are the limitations/problems in backup & recovery at the moment? 
with storage getting cheaper the data volumes are getting unmanageable. with data volume
increasing getting sufficient backup windows even getting more challenging.

If you're a vendor, how does your company plan to deal with the problem?
there are promising technologies such as dedupe which are helping vendors to do more in a shorter backup window. though dedupe adds additional complication when u need to forecast storage .

If you're a customer, how are you hoping the vendor will deal with the problem?
there are lot backup tools offers these days yet we are depending on 3rd party reporting an capacity management tools . a tool which bundles the reporting capabilities offered by 3rd party reporting tools such as emc dpa along with backup functions will be what everyone will be lloking for

What are the best things in backup/recovery at the moment?
dedupe .. granular backup and recovery for virtualize environments

What was your journey into backup & recovery?
started as a unix admin , i moved into backup world 4 years backup and still exploring on what. backup tools can offer in backup and recovery world.

Where do you see backup/recovery going in the next 10 years?
so far backup vendors are upto the speed with rapidly emerging technologies to provide backup and recovery solution. they are quite matured with lot of automation and innovative capabilities built into them.        

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