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Thursday, 12 September 2013

3 minutes with ... Dave Anonymous

So I've arrived on site and EMM is down ... database is not pingable ... loads of typical bprd errors suggesting a name resolution problem; done the 101 checks to ensure that we can talk to ourself, done the various SYMC debugging, and done the obligatory UNIX 'ls -lrt' checks on the .conf files (looking for noticeable and most importantly recent updates) to files that have either been eaten or manipulated by accident... found the error ... database now pingable, EMM started ... but its not working as it should ... give the vendor a call.

This is where I 1st met Dave; superbly talented, highly cool and a great resource to have on the other side of the line.

Thanks for your time Dave!


Dave Anonymous; NetBackup Admin; SAS;

What are the limitations/problems in backup & recovery at the moment? the amount of failures every night
the inability to roll out projects
poor documentation; vendor refusal to hire professional editors
no readily available tools for gap analysis or help with data categorization

If you're a customer, how are you hoping the vendor will deal with the problem? roll out *solid* cloud solutions
better licensing model
better reporting and monitoring tools
shift development focus to quality vs. new features
build better relationships with VMware & Microsoft

What are the best things in backup/recovery at the moment? DataDomain
IBM tape libraries
LTO6 drives & media
aggregated 10Gb networks

What was your journey into backup & recovery? 8yrs at SYMC NBU support
1yr Credit Suisse NBU admin
4mo SAS Institute

Where do you see backup/recovery going in the next 10 years? manged service/private cloud and stronger relationships with cloud vendors
client side dedupe
CBT (change block tracking)
incr forever & synth fulls
cheaper appliances

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