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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

3 minutes with ... Jorge Desousa

Jorge Desousa, 4SL legend, provides 3 minutes of his time.

Thanks a lot Jorge!

1. What are the limitations/problems in backup & recovery at the moment?
There is an increase in User's lack of :
a. understanding of the purpose of a backup,
b. the limitations of an infrastructure,
c. the level of support for the infrastructure,

The level of infrastructure and user support deteriorates vertically when using bestshore teams. Even the vendor support levels have dropped. Refer to above.
U provide peanuts - you get monkeys.

If you're a customer, how are you helping the vendor will deal with the problem?
By not calling the vendor is helping because they are inundated with problems and have inexperienced frontline teams all reading off a screen.

Limitations are the expertise of the user and the response of the vendor.

2. What are the best things in backup/recovery at the moment?

The increased need for backups and recovery due to insane legislation and keen auditing firms.

3. What was your journey into backup & recovery?

A pair of CD's, the corner of a dark computer room .. and no Graphical interface.
SAN was too easy and backups looked interersting because it touched every angle of any IT infrastructure - and needed an high level of all-round IT knowledge -only prevalent with many years' experience.

3. Where do you see backup/recovery going in the next 10 years?

a. Chinese monkeys are known to be more intelligent.
b. the Indian IT industry is overtaken the chinese dragon.
c. Backups will be going into "cloud" datacentres and ending up on a cartridge somewhere deep in Death Valley, USA or your local Tesco basement.

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