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Sunday, 5 August 2012

NetBackup 101! (Networks, hostnames, peernames and the kitcken sink)

People get confused about NetBackup 101's. I've extracted the following from some docs that I think are really useful getting back to the root. Hope it helps all those BAU people out there. Happy days.


1) NBU connects to host name configured in policy (configured name)
2) OS on host resolves the name (Local or DNS/NIS)
3) Connection sent across network path defined by routing table
4) bp.conf on host is not a factor

5) When 'server' gets connection from client, server determines clients configured name from peer-name of its connection to server:

- peer-name is determined by ip address of the connection; i.e. the address must translate into a host-name (gethostbyaddr routine).

* bprd log entry * =
'connection from host peername ipaddress'

6) The clients 'configured' name is then derived from the peername by asking bpdbm (UNIX) or NBU DataBase Manager on Windows:

- bpdbm compares peername to a list of client names from:

a) All clients who've done a backup by using a simple string verification comparison by comparing hostnames&aliases (gethostbyname routing)

If not successfull then:

b) All clients in all policies by doing a brute force method.

7) The configured name is 1st comparison that succeeds

- other comparisons might have succeeded if aliases or 'network-names' (Local/DNS/NIS,etc) are configured.

8) If comparisons fail then client's hostname as returned by gethostname function on client is used as configured name
* bpdbm log with VERBOSE gives you information *

- you can use bpclntcmd -pn on client to determine clients configured name, where:

a) 1st line is directed to server to which request is directed, (i.e. expecting response from server <servername> ) then,
b) 2nd line is servers response containing:
- peername of connection to the server
- configured name of the client
- ip address of the connection to the server
- port no. used in the connection

9) If gethostname or gethostbyname on client returns host names that are not qualified so that DNS on Master/Server cant resolve them, problems:
a) possible to configure local hosts on Servers/Clients
b) possible to use /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altname/host.xlate (UNIX) to create this file containing:

key hostname_from_client client_as_known_by_server

key = 0 ; must always be zero indicating a configured name translation
hostname_from_client ; must correpond to the name that is obtained by clients gethostname  and sent to the server
client_as_known_by_server ; is name to substitute for hostname_from_client. Must be the configured name in NBU conf on Master+must be known to Masters network service

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