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Sunday, 25 September 2011

FreeNAS+UPNP Server w/Transmission on PS3.

So I turn on the PS3, AV Receiver - Browse my UPNP / NAS box and fire-up some tunes or lay back and watch an .avi - I didn't want Windoze bloated OS, so chose FreeNAS with MediaTomb (UPNP Server) and Transmission (Torrent client)

Here's how:

1) Download FreeNAS (
Rip to USB Flash Drive; we're not wasting any slots or drives to install an OS - we're booting-up from the Flash Drive baby. Minimum 1GB.

Useful resource:

2) Once you're up and running, note that filesystem is read-only, you'll need to mount / -rw in order to make changes later once ssh is setup.

3) GUI is up and running on 80 - I use https (freenas/freenas default user/pass ) - Change this and obviously don't open this to internet. (use ssh tunnel)

4) Configure ssh from GUI and change default passwords

See for extensive info.

5) Configure disks and snapshots as required (I've got a couple of 500GB disks mirrored and a couple of smaller 200GB dedicated disks for downloaded media). Setup shares (Win/UNIX/AFP available)

6) Build MediaTomb ( - UPNP Server.

Very easy to use GUI driven. Ports is probably the easiest way to build it - it will grab dependencies as necessary. I execute it from rc.conf - you can run it in daemon mode to test using something like:
mediatomb -c /mnt<directory_of_your_choice>.mediatomb/config.xml -u www -g www (I'm dont like running as root, so I use www). Configure config.xml - mine is pretty much out of the box, but I've included support for PS3 by editing:

    <protocolInfo extend="yes"/><!-- For PS3 support change to "yes" -->

I also hacked the .xml when PS3 code 2.70 came out. Avi's would no-longer play :-(
<map from=“avi” to=“video/divx”/> did the trick. (re-import all avi's)

Useful resource (

The important stuff (i.e. what you're sharing) can be configured from the GUI (default port 49152)

7) Torrent client - Transmission
Useful to download torrents direct to NAS; then use UPNP Server to share it out :)
( - Very cool, easy to use and GUI driven too - (default port 9091). I save media to a dedicated 'torrent' share only with specific www user/group privileges. Remember - legal torrents only people.
Config: /etc/rc.conf

# Transmission conf starts
# Transmission conf ends

Here's some useful doco's on settings.json: - Can do just about anything from here like powering a small planet.

Enjoy !

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