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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Foot off the pedal.

Madness breeds madness, passion breeds passion: It's  all interconnected, relies on other people, and requires constant lathering like being exposed to direct sunshine. 

You see through it like a lens; can instantly notice cracks/blemishes.

I explained to him that "being a contractor" is a responsibility. It's truly about doing a job; yes, I'm more than insinuating that the majority of permies I've worked with wait for retirement or otherwise have lost passion and keep things ticking along ... It's a cultural thing, apparently, in the UK anyway.

Take your foot off the pedal? What's the point, man? In the simplest sense, the most obvious analogy: Why wait for your client to complain about a problem?

Not on my watch, mate. That's why you hired me, right?

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