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Monday, 8 November 2010

IT jobs that require security clearance (UK) - Make your voice heard!

Glenn Andrews, an IT professional, petitioned the government on jobs that require security clearance. As you might know if you're a contractor, getting security clearance is a tough thing and it usually turns into a catch-22 situation; "you cannot obtain work without a security clearance, but cannot obtain a clearance without work..."

A link is provided here of Glenn's petition:

and the UK Governments response here,
which includes statements like:

"Employers are advised that they should not, generally, require prospective job candidates to hold a clearance prior to applying. This policy is reflected in a statement of the vetting policy at:"


"Such cases are brought to our attention by individual contractors, who feel excluded from the procurement process by this practice, and via MPs. In order to address this issue, the Government has taken steps to increase the awareness and implementation of its guidance ... As part of the ongoing efforts to raise greater awareness of the guidance an email address has been established that allows individuals to send examples of adverts that state that an existing security clearance is required in order to apply for a position or bid for a contract to: "

Make you voice heard people - send emails about jobs which you are being excluded from and lets get this thing changed!

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