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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The customer will pay more?

I've been  thinking recently about a trip I made to the supermarket. Its known as one of the average supermarkets in the UK where the prices are not too expensive. They're not overly cheap either, they're average. Upon entering the store you're made to think you'll have an average shopping experience. Don't misunderstand, there is no sign saying "Average Ltd", its simply the way the shop presents itself in the first few seconds you walk in, and it continues to re-enforce this idea the further into the supermarket you go. Its not an uncomfortable experience. It simply has an altogether different feel to it compared to entering one of its competitors, where you *know* you're going to pay more. And you don't question the fact that you're going to pay more, because the experience of walking into the competitors store doesn't bother you. You're made to feel special, and everyone wants to feel special.

The little things count. The acknowledgment when you walk in for instance, the way the staff deal with you even when you're not directly involved in asking a question. The little things count. A smile upon leaving, a real sense that they actually care about what they're doing, regardless of their job type. I've seen it time and time again in the same supermarket and I'm always impressed. I also go back, and I always pay more.

The customer will pay more. You know?

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